Wednesday, June 16, 2010

vacation, take 2

We're hopeful, or maybe daring, or possibly insane, take your pick, but we're attempting another vacation sans children after the first one turned out not so well.

I'm very hesitant to go away, mainly because I hyperventilate at the thought, but also because Gabe seems a bit clingy. He is a pretty independent kid, but for the last 3 weeks he has been weepier and more tantrumy and asks for me to sleep with him and stay with him, and has had a couple of random meltdowns where he asks me not to leave him alone again. It is enough to break a mom's heart, just a little bit.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, as you see it, we have a wedding just outside of New York, so we have to leave. It is forcing us to jump right back on the horse, I guess. Gabe and Josie will stay with my in-laws for 2 nights, and we are staying with friends in New York City for those 48 hours, and hopefully living it up. I have big plans for Broadway shows, and cupcakes, and walks in Central Park, and most importantly, I want to eat an ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. This is number 1 on my list of priorities for the weekend. I am not even kidding.

If Gabe doesn't do well, have no doubt I will be jumping right back on the train and Josh can attend that wedding all by himself. I already had a little crying fit last night because I don't want to go, but I know it is important for us to get away and actually enjoy ourselves. The kids will be fine, and as everyone keeps assuring me, statistically, the odds are totally against something else happening while we're gone. Cross your fingers, though, just in case.

Gabe got his cast off today and did great, and his finger looks great, and we are hopeful it is going to heal well. We are cleared for water play and swimming and his aluminum fingernail will hopefully come off soon, and the sutures are hopefully healed also. Keep your fingers crossed for that too!

Have a great weekend!


zeebah said...

Wow, you guys are brave after the horrid sh*tshow you described (simply horrifying. I cried a little just reading about it)!! I am so glad Gabe's healing so well.

Yes, please do track down the big gay ice cream truck. i had a MOST delicious cone from them last weekend... vanilla softserve covered in salted caramel/chocolate. it was so delicious, the guy running the truck was incredibly nice, prices are reasonable.

xox! have fun in nyc!