Monday, February 01, 2010


I need some help, my friends. I seem to have developed some sort of allergy to soaps and detergents, and it is driving me crazy. I am having these crazy allergic reactions to any and all soaps, and any and all detergents. I keep switching and trying all the hypoallergenic and free everything products and nothing seems to be working.

Has anyone had this experience? Have you heard of any detergent or soap that is particularly good for allergies?

I seem to be able to moderately handle sensitive skin Dove, but even that seems to be irritating me lately. The worst offender seems to be laundry detergent, which is a serious problem because HELLO? I need clean clothes!



Rev Dr Mom said...

No experience here, but have you tried something like Seventh Generation? It's lacking most of the stuff in more mainstream brands,and it works just fine for getting clothes clean.

Good luck--that must be miserable.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so miserable!
Just a thought--is it only since moving that this has happened? Maybe the water in your new place has a different amount of chlorine or something? Maybe a quick water test, or installing a filter might help?
Also, our skin is really sensitive in general right now because it is SO cold and dry out. (We live in your area.) I find that Neutrogena Norwegian Formula--the really thick stuff--really helps a lot.
Good luck!
--Neighbor Lady

liz said...

I second the testing of your water. It may be a problem with the water itself or with the pipes.

Try washing in filtered or bottled water.

Chatty Cricket said...

hmmm, excellent point that it could be the water. have you noticed that it coincided with the move?

I also really like Seventh Generation- not sure if you've tried it. ALSO, try using less detergent. There may be some residue if it's not rinsing off entirely.

Is it a new washer? Is there a difference (like, High Efficiency)?

stacy said...

I use Tide or Cheer free n clear laundry detergents. Downey free softner. Bounce free dryer sheets.

Mostly use only aveeno bath stuff.

I am allergic to everything
and when through a phase where everything was breaking me out.

I switched to all of this stuff.

Part of the key is that its going to take a while for you to get everything washed and cleaned out of the chemicals of the older stuff.

I also agree with doing a water check. if you had a softner before and don't now, or vise versa this could do it.

don't discout foods either. is there anything new to your diet?
maybe some specific processed food?

also check perfumes, make up, and deoderants. I can only use certain things.

jwg said...

Try washing your clothes with just some baking soda to neutralize the residue of the old detergents, them switching to something chemical free. Maybe good old fashioned Ivory?

Butterflyfish said...

Dreft? The baby detergent?

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing!! After adding a water filter and trying different soaps/detergents, it turns out in my case that I was actually allergic to dust. An incurable illness if you live in my house! :)

Meika said...

Could it be detergent residue? Have you tried adding an extra rinse cycle (or more) to the end of your wash? We have to do this with Maryam's cloth diapers or they irritate her bum really badly. Open the washer and look for suds during the rinse, then keep rinsing until they're pretty much gone. You can add a cup of vinegar to the second-to-last rinse to help cut the bubbles - hot rinses better than cold, too. Good luck!

wordnerd said...

Ooff...yes, I know this!

Actually, I know OF husband started having similar reactions.

What we ultimately found it to be....was scent-related. So...we now buy AS MUCH as possible....everything scent-free. This can be challenging...and is DEFINETLY more expensive...but it seems to have mostly resolved his problems.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Go to a dermatologist and ask for a patch test. I fooled around for a year with mysterious rashes, and finally found a derm who gave me this test. She put stickers on my back that had dots of different allergens on them. A week later, I discovered I was allergic to parabens, a preservative that most people aren't allergic to. Because few people are sensitive to it, it's in everything, including most hypoalergenic and sensitive skin items. I had to throw out or give away nearly everything in my bathroom and kitchen, and buy new makeup and toiletries from weird places like Whole Foods, but the difference has been amazing. I am rash free and don't itch at all any more. My favorite paraben free brands are burt's bees and Mrs. Meyers, mostly because I like the scents. But get a patch test, because it is so much easier to avoid an allergen or irritant when you know what you're trying to avoid!

Chamiza said...

you may want to check both the water and the humidity levels--sometimes when a house s really dry from the heater running alot, your skin becomes more sensitive to EVERYTHING.