Tuesday, April 28, 2009

chatty and delicious

In the last week Gabe's speech and personality have exploded. He's always funny, but I've laughed so much this week I've cried. He's said the following things to Josh or me over the last few days:

(After leaving the Sheep Shearing Festival this weekend)
Gabe: Mommy! I had a good day.
Me: What?
Gabe: I had a good day today, Mommy. I had a good day with sheeps.

(After getting him dressed in the morning)
Me: Here is your dino t-shirt!
Gabe: Yeah! Mommy! Look at me! I'm so cute!

(Looking out the window at the setting sun)
Gabe: I see the moon, Mommy.
Me: I see it too.
Gabe: Mommy, the squirrel went noni, noni (our word for going to sleep).
Me: Oh really?
Gabe: The squirrel went noni, noni because... it's dark outside. He went to sleep in tree because it's dark out there.

(Grabbing Josie's hands)
Gabe: Josie! Don't put your fingers in your mouth, they're dirty dirty.
Josie: Blargh.

(Leaving the pediatrician's office, we encountered a woman pushing a double stroller. Gabe ran up to her side to talk to her)
Gabe: Hi! You need some help?

(Watching television with Josh)
Gabe: Daddy, first you hit the baseball, then you run around and around the bases.
Josh: You run around the bases?
Gabe: I hit baseball and then run around and around the bases. I run so, so fast, Daddy!

(Pulling the tubing off of my breast pump and holding it over his shoulders)
Gabe: I jump jump jump with this.
Me: What?
Gabe: I jump rope, I use this.
Me: That's my breast pump, I use that to take out my milk.
Gabe: I take out milk too. I jump jump with this and I take out milk.

(Trying to feed Josie carrots)
Me: Please don't feed Josie carrots. She doesn't eat carrots.
Gabe: Josie doesn't eat food, she only drinks milk. She only drinks breast milk.
Me: (I didn't even know he knew what breast milk was!!!) Do you drink breast milk?
Gabe: (wrinkling nose) Nooooooo. Only regular milk. Josie drinks breast milk.

(Tango barking)
Gabe: Tango! No barking! Be quiet!

(Playing with trains this weekend)
Gabe: Where's Emily the train?
Me: I don't know. Where's Emily?
Gabe: Emily is downstairs. She's crying.
Me: Why is she crying?
Gabe: She's crying, but I open door and hold her.

(At the beach this weekend)
Gabe: Mommy, please make water hotter? It's too cold.

This whole parenthood thing just keeps getting better and better, huh?


Beth said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Daisy has been doing the same thing over the past few weeks and she makes me laugh so much. It's awesome. And the stuff they come up with is crazy. I am loving watching her imagination grow. Delicious!

Kai said...

Oh my. How incredibly sweet/funny it was he asked the woman with a double stroller if she needed help! Your kiddos are TOO cute!

kathy a. said...

cute cute cute cute!

Chamiza said...

"I run so so fast daddy" that is sooooo soooo cute. devastatingly cute. He's clearly been soaking up a lot and spitting out the words now.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Love the big brother/little sister outfits. I have that shirt for Sean too (big brother), and somewhere a little brother one for Mack.

Gotta LOVE what comes out of their mouths. They say the cutest things. I laugh at some of the things that comes out of my kids mouths. (Well Sean's because Mack doesn't talk yet) LOl.

Keep posting the cute conversations, I LOVE IT!