Sunday, February 15, 2009

and... another one bites the dust

Last night, while we were enjoying our little bit of child-free time, Josh told me that he was freezing, and I knew that was it. My progression of illness was freezing cold with chills, vomiting, diarrhea, passing out, and then continuing vomiting and diarrhea, on and off since Friday. At around midnight, he bolted upright, ran to the bathroom, and that was it. We were both up for most of the night, because there was no way I could sleep through his constant trips to the bathroom.

This morning, I took over kid duty even though I am very far from okay. I had to lay down twice on the kitchen floor to keep from passing out when Gabe wanted some crackers. In the scale of sickness, though, I'm better than Josh so I had to take over. There have been some scary moments, though. Not long after I realized that I wasn't going to be able to do any walking while taking care of Gabe and Josie, and would have to rely mostly on crawling and lying on the couch, I heard a loud clatter upstairs and then some banging. I ran upstairs to find Josh passed out on the bedroom floor, and I'm not going to lie, seeing your husband passed out, looking gray and thin and almost child-like in his vulnerability, made my heart stop a little. He came around immediately after falling, and I guess he thought he could make it back to the bed before he would actually pass out, but he fell against the dresser and pulled the bassinet on top of him as he fell.

I helped him into the bed, and then had some panicky moments where I thought about the possibility of needing to call an ambulance for both of us if we got any worse. I suspect that both of us need to get some more fluids and might benefit from an iv, but I'm hoping we can make do with drinking a ton.

Thankfully, though, Gabe seems better and even ate a piece of a banana, some plain baked potato and some crackers. Josie, even more amazingly, is still holding out. I'm praying that I have super breast milk that will give her enough antibodies to combat this, because I have no doubt that she'll end up in the hospital if she does get sick. Whatever this is, it is disastrous.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh, you poor there someone you can call to come give you a hand?

I hope you're all better soon. You're all going to need a vacation when you get through with this!

My Wombinations said...


Let me know if you want us to help you in some way. I am so, so sorry this is as awful as it is. I hope you are all better ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Please get checked out. With all the peanut product recalls you could have salmonella. Even the raw batter, if there were raw eggs in it, could have caused it. Also, salmonella can be contracted through contact with infected stool so as parents you could have gotten it while cleaning up after your son. Maybe it's a virus but you really should have it checked even if that's what is is because having to crawl and passing out like that is unusual. Hoping for the best for all of you.

Meika said...

Oh, my gosh, HL... have you guys been to a doctor yet? You sound sooo sick; you could be really dehydrated yourselves! Is there anyone around who can come take care of you guys - or even just your kids! - for a little while??? I'm praying you get better quickly.

ccw said...

Sounds so awful! I hope that everyone feels better soon and that Josie remains well.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hope you're all recovering by now!