Monday, April 07, 2008

the travel never ends

Gabe and I arrived late last night from another trip to California, where we've been for the last 10 days. It was a looooonnggg trip, and both of us are relieved to be home. I could tell by the way Gabe kissed each of his toys as he pulled them out of his toy basket, and the squeals of glee when he saw the dogs. I could tell how relieved I was by the way I threw myself at Josh when we got off the elevator at baggage claim. What can I say? It was a long trip, followed by a long flight with Gabe on my lap the whole time. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

We were in California dealing with some family issues, and also attending the wedding of a law school friend. The wedding was this past weekend, and I had the best time I've had in quite some time. My law school girlfriends and I met up at the wedding locale and went out on Friday and Saturday nights until the wee hours of the morning. My mom took care of Gabe while I lived it up at restaurants and tourist spots and karaoke bars. Why did no one tell me how fun karaoke is? I don't think I've laughed that hard in months. I spent most of the time during karaoke doubled over in tears from all that laughing.

I really needed the release, because the truth is that things on the home front aren't great. My parents appear to be in the process of separating, and there are painful, raw emotions running all over the place. I don't want to talk about it much, because it is complicated and difficult and I'm very sad about it, but that is what is going on.

Gabe, as seems to be the norm around here, is sick again. He has been up coughing for the last few nights and was running a low-grade fever for several days. Tomorrow we have his 15 month visit, and I'm hoping they can shed some light on what is going on with him. Besides this sickness, though, he is cuter than ever. Now I understand how you can stand to see your baby grow up, because the person they turn into is just as adorable as the wee babe they were! He is scrumptious.

He is running around like a maniac, climbing on everything, jabbering nonsensically in the cutest possible way. When he wants you to sing him a song, he moves his fingers as if he were singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". He does that sign ALL THE TIME. Once I've shown him a trick once, he almost always remembers how to do it the next time. He can throw things in the garbage, put toys away, give hugs and kisses on command, go up and down stairs, feed himself with a fork (somewhat), open and close doors, retrieve things by name, throw a ball and kick a ball, share a bite of food with you, and the list grows constantly. It is a lot like living with a tiny monkey that learns things instantly, a little like a sponge. And it is so much fun.

So despite all the sadness, life is still really great. We are still really lucky. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying life at home while the three of us are together. At least until we have to leave again for Florida next Tuesday. Ugh, someone shoot me now.


liz said...

I'm sorry about your parents. It's hard no matter what age you are.

Give that sweet baboo a kiss for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm sorry about los padres. Pero que se puede hacer? Gabe truly does sound scrumptious. I hope he gets to feeling better, poor little guy!

And Florida on Tuesday? Dios mio! No paran? lol Take care, sweet friend. I've missed you. xxoo

Maribeth said...

I am sorry about your folks. I know it is hard. Try hard to love them both despite their inability to love each other. My husbands adult children still blame him for their divorce and in actuality she was the one who wanted it. In the end, it was better for everyone, except the kids, because they took sides. I think they suffered more than was necessary.

Please join me tomorrow, April 9th for a celebration on Dackel Princess!

Meika said...

I'm so sorry about your parents; that's really tough. :-(

All the traveling you've been doing is just crazy! Tell you what. I'll take your trip to Florida, and you can stay home and rest. No non-starting Michigan springs for me, no hectic travel for you. It's a win-win! Deal?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm sorry.

(even though I'm signed in as anonymous, this is Kristin)

Chatty said...

I am very happy you have Sweet Gabe whole all of the other bad is kicking around. I agree with Liz, it's hard no matter how old you are. Your parents are your parents. I'm sorry.

On another note, can you send Gabe over to teach Mister about the stairs? Mister can go up, but not down. Also, if he could clue Mister in to the tremendous joys of walking I would be ever so grateful.