Tuesday, February 12, 2008

on the road again

This Thursday, as in 36 hours from now, I am off to California again. I am traveling with Gabe and the two dogs (as carry on), and I am unhappy to report that I am completely and utterly overwhelmed today.

These are the things I need to do:

1. Pack
2. Do laundry, so that I can pack
3. Pick clothes, so that I can pack
4. Buy diapers, to pack when I pack
5. Purchase, wrap, get card, and mail package to our nephew for his birthday- which is tomorrow
6. Get diaper bag prepared, including food and toys for the flight
7. Prepare dogs for trip
8. Go get vaccine certificate from veterinarian for dogs to travel
9. Write out Valentine's Day card for Josh since we'll be gone for Valentine's Day
10. Clean kitchen
11. Clean bathrooms
12. Vacuum whole house
13. Take care of my child who has refused to take a nap all day, doesn't want to eat anything, and prefers to whine continuously. all. day. long.
14. See #13 for why #1-12 have not been completed
15. Stress stress stress about all of the above and how I will possibly be able to get through the airport with a toddler and two dogs and a diaper bag
16. Get so stressed that I sit on the couch paralyzed into inaction
17. Call and vent to husband about list of to-dos and inability to do them
18. Call and vent to friends about list of to-dos and inability to do them
19. Drink a cup of Dr. Pepper to make myself feel better about the list of to-dos and inability to do them
20. Eat a cookie to make myself feel better about the list of to-dos and inability to do them
21. Cry a little about list of to-dos and inability to do them, and also cry a little about my fat ass and the fact that I just had Dr. Pepper and a cookie and no wonder I can't lose the last 5 pounds
22. Blog about the above

Needless to say, it has been a tough day around here. It is 6:45pm and I'm just now getting pushed into action. Josh is working late tonight and tomorrow night, so he isn't available to help, and my little compadre over here is very very grumpy due to the no nap situation. Improvement is not on the horizon. Anyone want to come over and pack for me? Or at least bring me more cookies?


Not so little sister said...

I'm good at packing! Pick me! And I think all the cleaning can wait...or Josh can do it while you're gone. There! That takes a few things off your list.

You are very, very brave to do all that alone! I always try to help women traveling alone with babies. Just a baby seems like a big job, but you're a champ. You guys travel a lot. Maybe Gabe will have an early bedtime with the no-napping thing??

Chatty said...

I'll come eat cookies with you, but I won't pack. I'll talk you out of leaving though so packing can be a non-issue!

I agree with not so little sister, let Josh clean. Happy Valentine's to you!

liz said...

Send an e-card to Josh. Let him clean. And...ummm...if Josh isn't coming with you, do you need to bring the doggies?

I refuse to let you feel guilty over needed caffeine and sugar to get you through the things you need to do.

Packing: _you_ only need three changes of clothes (one to wear, one to wash, one to get spit up on and then wash). Gabe needs 4, maybe 5. Less if you've got family there who will buy him clothes.

Bring only enough diapers for the plane ride plus a few extra, you can buy diapers there, you know!

Breathe. You can do this.

Beth & Rob said...

Hang in there...somehow it will get done. It's amazing what you can achieve without someone small and whiny around. Good luck - you are a star for doing all this by yourself. At least when you get there you can pack down - hand over Gabe to family and eat some more cookies! BTW do not worry about those last 5 pounds - wait till all children are born then start to panic. Have fun!

Meika said...

Asparagus is doing the SAME FREAKING THING as Gabe with the no-naps! Except on weekends. When M is around to witness, she naps like a champ. I am on the verge of insanity. *Sob.* And, as I am watching the snow fall for something like the seventy-eighth day in a row, desperately coveting your trip to California.

Enough of my grumbling! Regardless of what you do or don't get done, you'll get on that plane and leave it all behind. So go ahead and pack dirty clothes; your family has washers and dryers (and if they don't, send them to the laundromat! After all, you came all this way...). Buy diapers when you get there. Don't clean at all, or limit yourself to one small spot that will be the first thing you see when you get home.

I am also very guilty of the kind of "I must do everything" perfectionism you're describing, and it is such an exhausting thing. Cut yourself some slack - the Psycho Toddler phase is really, seriously, honestly, a valid excuse for being unable to do anything significant and not a reflection on you or your abilities.

And have fun in California!

Anonymous said...

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