Tuesday, March 13, 2007

exhausted, and more exhausted

Things are a little bit better, thankfully. I've been making a concerted effort to get out of the house, even for just a few minutes every day, and Gabriel gave me a couple of nights of 6 hour sleep- wooohooo! But it was last weekend. Since then, he's had some of his worst nights of sleep ever, though, go figure. I'm exhausted. He is getting up every 2 hours or so, and refusing to take any naps at all during the day. Saying that I'm very tired feels like an understatement.

Just to show you how crazy Red Sox fans are... Someone sent us a Red Sox sleeper when Gabriel was born, and last weekend we decided to put him in it, got him ready for bed, and glory of all glories, he slept 6 hours. So we thought what any logical parent would think- it was clearly the Red Sox sleeper. The next night, we recreated conditions. Put him in the sleeper, wrapped him up, and he slept 6 hours again! We were singing from the rooftops our praises for the Red Sox!

Then he spit up on the sleeper. I warned Josh that we needed to wash the pajama and get it back on him before the next night, but of course we didn't. He was up every 2 hours throughout the night. Clearly, because he wasn't wearing the Red Sox paraphernalia. Since then, I have made sure that the stinking Red Sox pajama is clean and available for him to wear, but has he slept longer then 4 hours at a stretch? Of course not!

A sleepless baby wasn't enough either. The dogs wanted in on the action, and have apparently just realized that the baby is REALLY not leaving after 10 weeks. So the other day, they pooped on the bathroom rug. I washed the rug and put down a towel in the meantime. They peed on the towel. I started shutting the bathroom door. They peed on Gabriel's beautiful bedroom rug. I went out for a walk, they climbed on the coffee table, stole Gabriel's toy and shredded it throughout the living and dining room. They are also stealing baby socks and articles of clothing. I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind!

I called my veterinarian yesterday because I simply cannot deal with this. If the dogs had acted up when the baby first came home, it would have been one thing, but two and half months later, I'm lacking in sympathy for them. They are incredibly pushy and demanding all the time, and we give them quite a bit of attention and treats and rotate their toys, but it is never enough. If anyone has advice or has been through this, please do share. I'm hoping that an improvement in the weather might help because I can take them on some walks to get rid of excess energy.

Lastly, I'm packing for Gabriel and my first trip, we are off to California. I am traveling on my own with Gabriel, Tango and Murray. I don't know whether I'm daring or insane. Maybe a little of both. Any tips on flying with a newborn are much appreciated also. Hope you are all enjoying some Spring-like weather too!


Jessica said...

I remember that exhausted :)

Hope you get some R&R soon.

amygeekgrl said...

i hope the lil guy decides to start napping again and the dogs get it in gear. that has to be super hard.

enjoy your trip. traveling w/ a newborn is the easiest time to travel with a child (in my opinion). just nurse him a lot and he'll likely be a happy camper. :) you can do it, mama. :)

ccw said...

My dog did not start acting up until Kid L was nearly 2 years old. It was a difficult time for us all. I hope that you are able to remedy the situation soon.

6 hours of sleep? I am jealous. Nonami has only recently begun to sleep so long. Wash the Red Sox sleeper immediately.

Enjoy your trip!

Genevieve said...

The magic of the Red Sox jammies! I think you might need a backup pair (try ebay).

Parenthacks has a lot of good tips on flying with babies: http://www.parenthacks.com/2006/04/invaluable_advi.html

Vector said...

Maybe you should have started this right away, but try giving the dogs extra attention every time you give the baby attention. Use the excited voice, maybe a treat. It seemed to be the perfect solution to our dog (but it's a border collie). After two kids, the dog still bounds into the room every time she hears someone singing a kid song or talking to one of the boys.