Sunday, October 22, 2006

girls' weekend recap

My emotional batteries may be recharged, but I think I may have ended this last week more tired than I was before these ladies arrived! Phew! What a weekend! We did lots of running around, eating, laughing, being loud and obnoxious and loving our time together. It was a blast. The best thing about my friends is that they are so enthusiastic! So everything was a treat and an adventure.

Friday night, after dealing with traffic around Logan Airport, we met Josh out for dinner and at the last minute decided to scare ourselves silly by going to see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It is almost Halloween, you know! I have to admit, though, that I spent more time laughing at my friends cowering in their seats than I did screaming about the movie. As soon as one of the characters runs BACK into the house instead of running away, the movie is done for me. I also tend to get far more scared of ghosts or monsters than I do of real people with chainsaws (with the exception of Michael Myers, who scares the dickens out of me). That night, the girls all stayed up until 3am gabbing away, far after I'd collapsed on the couch and fallen asleep. They eventually woke me up and ushered me off to bed when they were finally ready to sleep.

Saturday, we enjoyed a delicious diner breakfast at one of our favorite authentic greasy spoons, and then headed out to Concord and Lexington to enjoy some leaf-peeping and shopping at the adorable little boutiques in the town centers. We stopped off at home to give me the opportunity for a quick nap, and then headed off to Salem to see some witches! And goblins! And ghosts!

Salem was fantastic. Not too crowded, but full of energy and good spirit. We walked around, visiting the stores and enjoying a street fair of spells and "witches brews" and random items, before stopping into a Psychic Fair so that two of my friends could get "readings". I declined, mainly because I'm not really interested in knowing the future, whether I believe it or not. I'd rather enjoy my life as it is happening, and frankly, I don't want them to tell me anything bad.

That didn't keep two of the psychics at the front desk from exclaiming as I walked in, "OH! You're having a boy!" I said that in fact, I didn't know what I was having, to which I received a chorus of yesses and nods and insistence that this little pumpkin is a boy. Apparently, a healthy, happy boy, who is going to make his appearance a bit early. AND, much to Josh's pleasure, one of the psychics told me that this little boy's feet would be very important to him, and would play a major role in his life. Of course, my aspiring soccer player husband, captain of his MBA team, is now convinced that he has a future super star on his hands.

Even more notably, specifically, this baby is going to arrive on December 19th, per one of the psychic's insistence. If this all comes true, I will indeed share the names of these psychics, so that we can go get readings because they are obviously talented and accurate. We'll have to see.

After the psychic fair, and some lovely readings where one of my friends is going to be a superstar at her new job, and the other is going to meet her tall, dark, handsome and wealthy husband-to-be shortly, we took a break for some dinner. The weather, surprisingly, was perfect. Crisp, but not too chilly, a cloudless night that begged for walking and enjoying the sites. Eventually, we drove back home and spent more time talking and laughing and going over the psychic readings.

Sunday, after a quick breakfast of bagels and coffee, and a visit to cheer Josh's soccer team on briefly, we headed out to Walden Pond for more leaf peeping and enjoying the perfect weather. We visited an apple and pumpkin farm, and tried to find a pumpkin to match the size of my belly. We visited the Old North Bridge and the Minuteman Statue, and even convinced our friend M to loudly proclaim her Longfellow speech while standing atop the Old North Bridge (she still has it memorized from the 3rd grade). Dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant, and then a law school girlfriends' only baby shower, complete with Red Sox pacifiers and Red Sox sippy cups (much to Josh's satisfaction) and books and classical music cds for baby. It was truly wonderful, and I felt so loved and lucky and happy.

For the rest of Sunday night, we relaxed and enjoyed our time together before everyone's early morning flights. I was incredibly sad to see them go, even with the sleep deprivation! And it was terrifying to think that the next time I see them, I will (hopefully) have a baby! Crazy!

** Blogger is being stingy on letting me upload pictures to this post, so I'll have to post another update with photos, or you can mosey over to Flickr to see the weekend fun!


KLee said...

You all look so happy to be together! It will be very interesting to see if a boy baby arrives on the 19th of December!

jo(e) said...

That sounded like a wonderful weekend!

Knitting Mama said...

It would be very interesting to see if you have a boy on the 19th of December. (That's actually my sister's birthday!)

liz said...

Sounds like enormous fun. You are positively one of the top five most gorgeous pregnant women ever.

Piece of Work said...

Aw, what a great weekend! Girlfriends are the best.

ccw said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend!

Ninotchka said...

So glad you had fun, amiga. I saw the pictures. Estas bella!

Summer said...

Hmmm, I'm far more willing to believe the prediction that you're having a boy than the one about him arriving early. With the gender, they've got a 50-50 shot of being right, but predicting the date with any accuracy.... Not so easy.

I think you should plan on making another trip to Salem on the 20th of December, to hunt that psychic down and give her your best impression of a psycho pregnant lady. "You said he'd be born yesterday! Yesterday! I AM STILL PREGNANT! Aaaaargh!" That would be funny.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Sounds like so much fun. And what Liz said. You look great!

halloweenlover said...

Liz is my new best friend! You are too sweet!