Wednesday, July 18, 2012

proof that love really does multiply

Sebastian Eli was born on May 3rd at 4:15pm, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces (!!!!!!!) and measuring 20 inches long.

The labor was amazing and calm and easy and all the things you wouldn't expect labor to be, although a bit long for a third baby at 10.5 hours.

He is wonderful and so sweet and I'm madly in love and so regretting not blogging every day because I can't bear not to remember every moment of his babyhood and pregnancy. Gabe and Josie are obsessed with him and actually drive me crazy with the way they fawn over him and refuse to leave him alone. It's been two months and I'm still begging them to PLEASE GIVE HIM SPACE!

Other than that, the adjustment has been great. I'm loving motherhood times three and feeling beyond lucky and blessed and everything else you want to call it.

Life is very, very, very good these days. I could not ask for more.


Anonymous said...

SO glad for the updates! Congratulations!
What a beautiful family, and it is so nice to see you back here!
--Neighbor Lady

Coasting Anon said...

Wow! I had been wondering how things were and when the newest addition had showed up.

Glad to read all is well.

PS - did you know Songbird is going to be my new SIL soon? Does THAT give me cred?! ;)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's gorgeous! Love his name.

That's so sweet that Gabe and Josie adore him!

Glad to see you back in blog land, I hadn't given up on you!

Anonymous said...

You all look amazing! I have been waiting for an update for a very long time.
Glad that labor went well and that the kids all love him! :)


Butterflyfish said...

congrats! beautiful!!

wish we lived closer -- my daughter is three months. they could party.

three kids... harder than it looks, but awesome

Anonymous said...

SO happy you posted this! The kids are gorgeous! Love the pic of Josie and Gabe gazing lovingly at their precious. When did they get so big?? Does Gabe start kindergarten this year? Congrats on your beautiful family! :-)


Martha Spong said...

I had no idea! Where have I been? Gosh, so happy for you, what a gorgeous family! (And yes, CoastingAnon speaks the truth.)