Tuesday, October 27, 2009

life as we know it is OVER

Josie started walking.

And by 'walking', I mean, flinging herself in the general direction of things with absolutely no balance whatsoever. I am not exaggerating on the no balance thing, her desire GREATLY outweighs her skill in the walking department.

The poor little thing has bruises all over her legs and rib cage and arms and forehead from falling headfirst into everything, but she managed to take 1 step on Friday, two on Sunday, and three steps today. Enough to get her between the coffee table and the couch, or from the dining room table to... splat... the floor.

The attempted walking generated tons of excitement over here, although Gabe is not understanding how to help her along, and he ends up pushing her or tripping her a lot, which with her limited skill is pretty dangerous.

2.5 weeks to go until we move, and I'm just praying she doesn't figure out how to climb stairs too because we dismantled all the baby gates! Someone needs to explain to these kiddos that they are supposed to be making my life EASIER, not crazier.


Stacy said...

Its a mixed blessing isn't it!
Celebration that she is begining to walk, fear of the dangers and bruises.

She will be so much help unpacking I can see it now! She will walk up to boxes that you are emptying out and take something and wander off into the house and it will be lost forever LOL

Happy Packing!

It really will get easier from like the ages of 7 to 10!

YG&B said...

go josie!! i'm so excited that she is walking!

also, i was so inspired by your post about craigslist that i just did a search for lots of the furniture that i have been in the market for...and nothing. i think the pickings in your neighborhood are way better than the pickings in mine.

liz said...

Time to tape bath towels to all sharp edges!