Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I've created a monster

Why didn't any one of you tell me how totally, utterly, and completely creepy a certain televised children's train show is? I would never have turned it on in the first place. Someone told me that several of the shows were saved on our cable's "on demand", so on Thursday I turned it on for the first time and let Gabe watch the show. Big, big mistake.

Every morning and night since Thursday, Gabe has requested the "choo choo crain" repeatedly. Repeatedly. He's never asked for any kind of television show before, in fact he has pretty much ignored television except for brief viewings of everyone's favorite furry red monster. When my niece and nephew were visiting, the television was on quite a bit for cartoon viewing, and he barely looked up from his car and trucks to see what was on. So this newfound obsession with this oddly disturbing train show is throwing me for a loop. He really, really, REALLY likes Thomas, apparently, and he's been getting very upset when I say no, or when I insist that Thomas went to sleep for the night. Those are most definitely unsatisfactory answers to Gabe.

A warning would have been nice, people. Is there anything else you're holding out on me about? Should I avoid any particular foods? Channels? Stores? Anything else about which my child is going to become ridiculously obsessed? Now is the time to let me know. Spill it.


Beth said...

Daisy feels the SAME way about Dora that freakin' explorer. It does my head in. She is obsessed. In fact we had a MAJOR Dora related incident at the park last week. Let's just say that Daisy was not going to let the kid who owned the inflatble lifesize Dora get in between her and said Dora. It was nasty. For everyone involved.

It is the only TV show that she will sit completly still for (which is good for me and my showering) however I can't seem to stop it. Go with it. The pain of stopping it ain't worth it. I mean I love Project Runway and would get cranky if it was taken off me...give the boy Thomas! Thankfully Daise is scared of Thomas and cries everytime she sees him. It's the creepy face I think! Good luck!

Chatty said...

Hee hee he he he- whoops! Well, I promise, if you do Little Einsteins on demand you will not be creeped out but delighted at the adorable characters and fancy music.

I'm still not entirely convinced that there isn't something coded in that certain other show, however, judging by Mister's joy/horror-yet-inability-to-look-away over every episode.

Lady Liberal said...

Yo Gabba Gabba, which looks creepy on the surface, is actually pretty delightful.
Oswald, on the other hand, looks innocuous and is creepy. The penguin has OCD.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I can't stand Thomas the Train. it's depressing!!!

Sean watches Caillou and Barney religiously. And Seseme Street too. He's obsessed with Elmo. Runs around the house screaming Bawney. LOL. At first I said no to Barney & Telletubies. I gave into Barney. Just had to. But I'm firm on the NO TELLETUBIES, they make me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

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