Tuesday, January 22, 2008

nomination for this week's worst mommy ever

Our record of no accidents on my watch is over. It is a very sad day today. My moral superiority over Josh is officially done.

We were getting ready to leave the house to meet a friend for lunch and I put Gabe's puffy jacket on him and got our stuff ready to go. Gabe is walking well these days, so I picked him up, carried him down the front stairs and put him down on the sidewalk while I went back to lock the door and grab the diaper bag.

He took a few steps down the walkway and tripped on the concrete face first. Normally, he would have put his hands down to break his fall, but the puffy jacket made it impossible for him to move his arms fast enough and instead he hit his little face on the concrete and scraped his nose on the cement. The screaming started before I'd even gotten back to turn the key in the door, and I turned around to find him face down with a mouth full of dirt and long scrapes on his nose and mouth.

At least all his teeth are still in place and we have nothing worse to show for the fall than some scrapes, but I still feel terrible. It occurred to me as I put him down that he might not be able to stop a fall with his jacket but I thought he'd be fine and we were in a hurry, so I thought the risk was worth it. Not anymore, obviously.

Ah well, Josh didn't lord it over me too much. I'm sure that like most other things in life, Gabe will be over it before I will.

Also, why didn't any of you tell me how glorious the move to one nap is? He's been sleeping 3 hours every afternoon and I spend the time running through tons of chores and then sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee to enjoy my guilty television pleasures. It's awesome!


Beth & Rob said...

We had our first stack on the weekend with blood. I was so shocked to see blood coming out of her mouth (her teeth cut her lip) that it made things far more dramatic for all of us. And I have a very sweet image in my head of Gabe in a little puffa jacket (sans scrapes down face!)

Anonymous said...

This is unfortunately the first of many scrapes and general ouchies. Glad it wasn't worse. I'm sorry it happened. I know how you feel! And you're right, it's harder on us than it is on them. Dale besitos en su nariz de su Titi Nino. Y un abrazo para ti, amiga.

(PS. High-five on the 3-hour nap. Awesome!)

mamatulip said...

I remember the day after I had to take Julia, who was about 8 months old, to the hospital for a checkup for a superficial cut on her head, she fell off the couch and smacked her head on the coffee table on the way down. After I'd consoled her, nursed her and put her to sleep in the playpen I sat in the kitchen on the floor and cried. I felt like the worst mother EVER.

ccw said...

We've had bloody noses and lips. Bites, both human and animal. Scraped faces, knees, arms, and just about every other body part. Bruised eyes, swollen foreheads, and other things that make me fear having to take them to the doctor. Somehow we have managed to avoid any broken bones but with 3 I figure it might be just a matter of time.

I'm so sorry Gabe hurt himself. It is so hard to see little ones hurt.

I would give a toe for 3 hours of quiet.

purple_kangaroo said...

Awww, poor little guy. Don't feel too bad.