Friday, December 07, 2007

like my own personal outbreak monkey

You'll recall that on Gabe's first Halloween, he was also diagnosed with his first ear infection. It caused several days of crying and complaining and whining (on both of our parts), but he recovered. Then I started feeling like crud, and it turned out that I had a sinus infection and double ear infections. There was more crying and complaining and whining (this time only on my part), but the antibiotics helped and I slowly recovered.

We went to Florida for Thanksgiving, and there were a few shining days of good health, where I wasn't blowing my sinuses out or struggling to clear my ears and all I had to worry about were the mosquito bites I kept getting all over my legs.

On the last day in Florida, though, Gabe's nose started running again and I mentally begged the world not to let him get sick again. We came home, and although the runny nose continued, it also didn't get worse, until last weekend. On Saturday a faucet turned on in Gabe's nose and I was forced for the first time ever, to whip out that evil nose sucky device that I'd carefully avoided for 11 months. Still, this was still a cold, it was doable.

And then.

I tipped Gabe back on Sunday morning as I got ready to feed him and saw a strange sight- something white along the inside of his lips. I took a closer look and saw... blisters. Lots and lots of blisters and white patches all along the inside of his lips. I called the pediatrician on call, who assured me that he was fine, but had a highly contagious virus called Coxsackie virus, otherwise known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth. A miserable virus, but nothing dangerous. As long as he continued to drink fluids and continued producing wet diapers, we could just give him pain relievers and not worry.

The next day, I started to feel like a steamroller ran over me.

The day after that, the vomiting and diarrhea started up on Gabe's part. Then a cough was added into the mix, and the coughing and vomiting encourage each other to add to the fun. Then the coughing and vomiting would happen right at bedtime or naptime, so there was no sleeping to be had around here. Lots of laundry, though, LOTS of laundry.

Yesterday his mouth started bleeding where some of the blisters burst, and my heart ached a little for how bad he must be feeling. Surprisingly, he has been relatively cheery despite the illness, and the only indication that he doesn't feel well is a bit of clinginess, a reduced appetite and night wakings. Also the cough that sounds like an 80 year old emphysema patient.

Today on a repeat trip to the pediatrician, we found that the diarrhea has given him a yeast infection. The holiday spirit is really rampant in our house these days.

To top it all off, Tango (the dog) started acting strangely over the last couple of days, as if he is in pain or extremely upset over something. He doesn't want me to pet him and flinches away from you if you try to scratch him or rub his back. Today he ran away from me and tried to hide when I went to pick him up, and when I called him back, he was so worked up that he pooped on the floor. A rush trip to the veterinarian, $65 later, and he thinks it is psychological. Maybe something happened to him a few days ago that was painful, maybe Gabe hit him or a toy fell on him or something, and he is reacting to that stress. Or maybe the baby learning to walk is pissing him off and he is trying to show me that he is upset. Who knows, but according to the vet, nothing is physically wrong with him.

All of this was enough to send me over the edge this afternoon, and after tearily asking my neighbor if she would watch Gabe while I ran the dogs to the veterinarian, I had a good little moping fest in my car. It's just a bit much. I'm sick, Gabe is sick, Josh is working long hours, and now the freaking dog is sick too?

I'm going to make a small request here, friend to friend, that you would take one teeny moment to send us good thoughts for improved health by the time I have to load my 11 month old, his stroller, car seat, pack and play, and luggage onto a flight to Germany on Wednesday. We can use all the help we can get around here.


Nadine said...

Oh good grief. Sending lots of good thoughts to you for a speedy recovery and a happier dog.

Anonymous said...

Ay mi amorcito! What a horrible time. Of course I'm sending all the get well wishes I can muster. When it rains, it pours, huh? :(

Fuerte abrazo!

liz said...

Best wishes for you all feeling better fast!

Rev Dr Mom said...


Lots of good thoughts coming your way! Hope you all feel better soon!

Renée said...

long-time lurker/reader here :)

Germany? Oh hellz no I would say. If I were you I'd park my butt firmly home and just get myself and my family well again!

I do hope you and your baby feel better before your plane takes off.

jo(e) said...

Oh, I remember those days.

Sending all kinds of wishes for good health and enough sleep and as little stress as possible over the next month.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Ugh, all at once, isn't it?! So sorry, and sending positive vibes your way. (I remember Coxsackie--hope Gabe feels fine soon!)

Beth & Rob said...

Best of luck for the trip - I am sure you will handle it no probs - look how good you do at everything else! An overseas trip with a sick baby will be a piece of cake! Enjoy the trip it will be great fun and just remember if it all turns into a disaster you will have great memories! (well in hindsight anyway) Hope you all get better soon as well. My little 10 month lady has just had a bout of oral thrush as well - so glamorous!

Angie said...

You poor thing! I hope you get well soon. May I recommend organic yogurt for everyone? Especially Gabe. It really will help him.

ccw said...

What a rough time!

I hope everyone is well soon and that Tango gets over his issues.

Jessica said...

I remember when my boy had Hand, Foot, Mouth - he was so miserable. Here's hoping that, by now, little Gabe is feeling much better.

blackbird said...

All good thoughts being sent your way!

mzb said...

Well, I am hoping by now all of your sicknesses have healed and you have been enjoying the holiday with your family.

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