Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the sweetest sound

Gabe looked up at me Friday night, lifted his little arms toward me, and said, clear as day, "Mama". I thought it was a fluke, but he's said it lots of times since then, even with an audience.

It is particularly ironic, because just that afternoon someone had been telling me about a baby around the same age as Gabe who already says "light", "car", and "daddy". Isn't that advanced? At 10 months? Anyway, in true Type A mommy fashion, I was starting to wonder if perhaps I should be encouraging him to talk a bit more. So we get home from dinner and I am asking Gabe if he is ready for bed, and voila! He said mama! And the heavens opened up and angels sang. It was glorious.

This parenting gig is totally worth it.

He talks/grunts on the phone too, that is pretty much the second cutest thing ever.


chris said...

Oh that is too adorable.

Ah yes, and in a few years you will wishing for him to just shut up already ;-)

Angie said...

He is so beautiful! You will be amazed at how quickly he will pick up words and mimic the things you say. It is time for "be very careful what you say - little ears are big pitchers". LOL

halloweenlover said...

Did you notice the upside-down pacifier too? He does that all the time, I think he prefers it!

Oh, I'm sure he is going to start telling the dogs to "stop @#*&^@# barking!" any day now.

jo(e) said...

Oh, isn't it a wonderful feeling?

He's so cute.

OneTiredEma said...

Wow, he's got AM beat by 4 words.

Go Gabe!

But does he sign "firefighter" every time he sees a vehicle with a flashing light?

Just kidding, Type A :-)