Monday, October 15, 2007

i have to live up to my name, after all

October is fast coming to a close, and I'm sure you know what that means.


We're very excited about Halloween in the Halloweenlover household, most of all because it is Gabe's first Halloween! Such a milestone! I can tell that he is particularly excited about it. I've been showing him pumpkins and costumes and scarecrows and together we pulled out all of the decorations and took on the extensive process of spooking up the house. We can't wait.

Our front stoop is ready to greet trick or treaters, and friends that come in the meantime.

Josh would like you to please note the 50 pound pumpkin that I made him lug home from the Berkshires. He says that it ruined our gas mileage for the drive home. Whatever, it was totally worth it.

We have our Halloween countdown calendar set up and ready to go.

FYI, our name is not actually Craig, this is just the sample picture from the PBK catalog.

Gabe is prepared with the appropriate wardrobe choices for the month.

His costume (not to be revealed yet) is purchased and waiting for him. I promise you that it is cute enough to make you throw up.

The cookbook with all the good pumpkin muffin and pumpkin bread recipes is sitting out on the counter, and the slow cooker is cooking away. Plans for apple and pumpkin picking are on the calendar. A baby Halloween party is in the works for all of Gabe's new baby friends and some pre-Halloween and actual Halloween festivities are also in the works. Gabe's Nonna is even coming to town for the week of Halloween, so we have lots to look forward to, lots to celebrate. How about all of you?


Rev Dr Mom said...

Alas, we get NO trick-or-treaters here, and our house isn't visible from the street so there's no point in doing much decorating outside. I kind of miss it.

The Kid wants to go trick-or-treating this year. I think 15 almost 16 is too old, but his friends are going. But I told him he HAS to wear a costume b/c I used to hate it when teenage boys in their street clothes rang the door bell.

Chatty said...

Whatever Mrs. Craig, and that's also not your barn door in the picture, I assume? Because everyone should hang their Halloween calendars on the ol' barn door.


I'm SO EXCITED about Halloween! You have to let us know what time the party is so we can try and swing it on our way back from Sweet Nephew's bday.

In other news, can you believe someone stole our big pumpkin?

Geggie said...

Do they make the "I'm a little corny" t-shirt for grown ups? I could rock that.

Nadine said...

I have yet to haul out my ceramic jack o'lanterns. It's my first year of trick-or-treating at my new house, so I'm not sure how much candy to buy. Guess I better get a lot, just in case!

Nancy said...

Looks festive!

We haven't done much prep yet, though the kids have their costumes. Gotta get decorating this weekend!

My Wombinations said...

I also love Halloween passionately and, oddly, am also throwing a baby halloween party... on that note, what are you planning for it? I am having some trouble coming up with appropriate baby ideas...

Knitting Mama said...

I can't wait to see what Gabe is for Halloween. We also dont get trick or treaters here, but I will be taking Sean to my parents neighborhood all dressed uP!

jo(e) said...

Halloween is one time I really miss having little kids in the house.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Suspense is killing me. Can't wait to see Gabe in costume!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Hi fellow Halloween addict! I came to your blog through a friend of a friend's blog. I'm having a Halloween costume party and am suddenly worried it won't be cool and fun enough, so I'm wondering if you have any ideas. What have you done at previous parties? I'm starting the evening with a few minor games (Halloween movie trivia, Halloween charades, etc.) and appetizers in the back yard, then we'll move inside for the main food and dessert and watch either Simpsons Halloween cartoons, Night Gallery or Alfred Hitchcock episodes, or the like. No movies; just stuff that's short and doesn't require too much in-depth attention so we can be talking at the same time. Of course, all the food and drinks are of the Halloween theme, and the yard and house are totally decked out in creepy glory. I'm just wondering if you have any additional ideas, you or any of your blog readers. All ideas would be greatly appreciated! BTW, this is an alcohol- and children-free party, in case that helps.