Sunday, June 03, 2007

5 months

Dear Gabriel,

Every month I look back on how you've changed in 4 short weeks, and I feel stunned. At some point, the growing has to slow down, right? You're still my sweet, easy, loving baby, but now you show your likes and dislikes more. You love to take walks around the neighborhood and you love to take baths and you love it when we cover you with kisses. Thank goodness, at least some things stay the same! You found your toes earlier this month too, and your favorite thing to do is shove all your toes into your mouth at once and have a munching session. Nothing, honestly nothing, could be cuter.

This month has been another busy month of traveling for you. We flew to San Francisco to attend your first family wedding for one of your cousins, and you met most of your extended family.

You charmed the pants off of them, of course, and we now have loads of pictures of you being hugged and squeezed by various cousins. After a weekend in San Francisco, we drove to Lake Tahoe to spend a week of celebration with your Bubbi and Saba, Aunt and Uncle and cousins, for your Saba's 60th birthday celebration.

Once we were all celebrated out, we drove back to Sacramento to spend another few days with your Nonna and Nonno before flying back to Boston. A week later, we drove to Long Island to spend a few days with some friends, and then on to Rochester, NY for your mommy's college roommate's wedding, and then on to Niagara Falls for a quick escape. It has been a whirlwind. Thankfully, you weathered the travel like a champ.

This month you did a glorious thing for your Mommy and Daddy, you started sleeping through the night. You still have good nights and bad nights, but for a couple of weeks in a row, you've slept from 9pm until 6am or 7am. The funny thing is that I feel more tired now than I did before. I think the true extent of my exhaustion has finally sunk in now that I'm sleeping more than I have over the last 6 months. When your morning wake-up time finally rolls around, I love running to your room to see your sweet face looking up at me. It is the longest stretch of time we spend apart each day, and I miss you desperately while you're in the other room.

That is the other big change in our lives- you moved to your own room! We were resisting moving you, but while we were in Lake Tahoe, it became abundantly clear that we were waking you up at nighttime with our deep breathing or tossing and turning. One of the nights we were away, your Daddy got a cold and you were up with each and every one of his coughs. So when we were finally home, we moved your bassinet into your room and you slept through the night for the first time that very night. It surprised me so much, I kept sneaking into your room to check on you! Since then, you've transitioned to your crib because you weigh more than the bassinet allows, and every night, you happily go to sleep with your blanket bear and a few kisses.

You're changing so much, sweet boy. You laugh all the time now, especially at the dogs. You'd been away from them while we were in Lake Tahoe, and when we arrived at Nonna and Nonno's house where they'd been staying, you took one look at Murray and cracked up for 10 long minutes. Your Daddy and I couldn't believe it! You were laughing these huge deep belly laughs, and it brought tears to my eyes. You also think your Daddy is hysterical, far funnier than I am. He also makes you crack up with these adorable giggles when he munches on your neck and stomach. You definitely adore your Daddy and light up when he walks into the room.

This month was a big month for our family because your Daddy graduated from business school! His graduation marks the end of his 5 months at home with us, and he's finally going back to work after 2 years in school. It has been wonderful to have him home all the time and we're incredibly grateful for this time we've all spent together. After all this time at home with the two of us, he knows you so well, and you love him to death. You two started having Boys' Nights At Home this month while I go to the movies or out to coffee or to run an errand and you both love it.

These 5 months have been the best time of my life, and I wish I could slow time down because you are growing up far too quickly.

I love every little bit of you. I'm so lucky that you're my son.



chatty cricket said...

Dear Gabe,

I am going to come over one of these days, stick you in my pocket, and run off. Whoops, er, I mean, I will come over and play with you and leave you where you belong and especially will not stick you in my pocket so don't even think it could happen.

Mister wants to know where his TV buddy went?

Burcu said...

Yes you are really lucky..He is sooo cute:)